Amazing tours around Rarotonga with Raro Island Tours
A blissful isolation from the distress of modern world, the revealed hidden secrets of Cook Island is more than a pretty place to escape. Here, time stand still as you lustfully scratch the surface of this fascinating Island.

Widely recognised as premier and Tour Company, the Raro Tours will never disappoint you! They have been specialising in airport transfers to all leading accommodations on Rarotonga, including private cars and hotel to hotel transfers and dinner transfers for years.

As highly trained and experienced tour guides break into warm smile as they patiently parade the wonders of the Island for the 3 hour fascinating sightseeing tour.

Be completely fascinated as they give you an overview of the island and the many points of interest you will see along the way. Experience their dexterity as they create traditional arts and crafts to exploring their integral Island life of Music.

Tanked-up the heavenly setting of historical sites of the first limestone churches built on the island, the Garden of the Seven Canoes at Avana Passage and Black Rock, a volcanic boulder on the edge of the lagoon, traditionally believed to be the departure point of spirits to Avaiki, without missing to foretaste the volcanic outcrop that marks the centre of the island and is one of its highest points and legendary Raemaru Mountain.

Enjoy your travel route to the informative scenic drive to old church buildings and plantations of citrus, bananas, tapioca, papaya and taro and other crops.

All these things are warily nourished, nurtured and expressed with pride by Raro Tours as we are driven by our powerful vision and passionate mission.

We have thoughtfully planned a perfect and enlightening travel tour with special travel rates without compromising your travel budget.

We operate from Monday to Friday excluding of special public holidays from 10 AM to 1 PM.

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