Unforgettable Family Memories Made in Cook Islands

If you visit the Cook Islands with the whole family, you are certain to enjoy the wonders of the island paradise. Make the most of your vacation and create lifelong memories with a range of island adventures around every corner by bringing kids to the beach, racing, playing, swimming, or learning to snorkel in calm and clean water for a truly fascinating holiday experience in this island paradise.

Once you set foot to this beautiful spot in the Pacific, you will be greeted with the island’s different types of accommodations, from regular hotels to beach resorts complete with modern amenities which can help you and the kids create precious moments.

Getting around in Rarotonga with the whole family is easy. It is just like you’re spending a wonderful time in one big resort. You can hop in anytime in a bus, hire a car or motorcycle and you’re ready to enjoy all the interesting spots you come across.

Families visiting the Cook Islands will always have an exciting and fun holiday experience.

Cook Islands have great holiday offers for families with kids in a safe environment where they can enjoy swimming in cool lagoons or enjoy in kids club in beach resorts inclusive of meals. One of the best options to enjoy in the island is to rent a holiday house or stay in a villa or in a smaller but spacious accommodation with a relaxing atmosphere by cooking your own meals with some BBQ or enjoy for a night out in the nearby restaurant.

Holiday homes in Rarotonga are popular and offer good option for families seeking comfortable stay and wanting to do their own thing like washing their clothes or cooking own food. If you are a big family, it may not be convenient and comfortable if you stay in a villa or in any beach resort. You need to settle in a beach resort that offers 3-bedroom bungalows where its spacious accommodation allows your whole family to enjoy the convenience and the comfort the place has to offer. Most of the beach resort in the island usually offers great amenities such as swimming pool, restaurant, tour desk, and reception area.