Indulge Your Appetite at Tupuna’s Restaurant in Aitutaki, Cook Islands

If you are looking for the best restaurant in Aitutaki, look no farther than Tupuna’s Restaurant. The fantastic chef of the restaurant is the owner herself who uses the produce found in and around the islands. If you ask the islanders where to find restaurant that serves delicious island foods, they are sure to recommend Tupuna’s Restaurant.

The beautiful setting of the restaurant has a beautiful design of a half house, with a soft sand floor, and an open front lit with torches. The restaurant has three pet cats including three-legged Soda pictured above. These pets perform useful task night and day – catching mouse – so don’t forget to give their shares. Ginger and Fanta are Soda’s mates and one of the two is very friendly and a quiet one. It’s sad to learn that they eat the geckos which can help to debug the place.

Inside the restaurant you’ll notice a board that tells you what the local fishermen have caught during the day. They are priced in New Zealand dollars. You can even arrange with the owner to request for a mud crab as some guests do.

This unique restaurant serves a sumptuous Chilli Lime Fish in a coconut shell, where the lime juice cooks the fish, and scrapings of coconut from the bowl helps the dish create a great taste.

The restaurant also serves very delicious seafood chowder which is creamy and packed with potato chunks and seafood that are all perfectly cooked. The crab sticks in it are surprisingly tasty; it does well with fresh Garlic Bread.

Another special food served in the restaurant is the Tupuna’s Favorite which comes with tuna, cheese and coconut cream baked in banana leaves. Cook Islands have great supply of quality tuna and it is exported to Japan.

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