Eat, Enjoy and Browse the Internet for free at Koru Cafe in Aitukaki

The Koru Café in Aitukaki is a unique restaurant which is open every day from 7 am to 3 pm and serving breakfast and lunch only. The café also offers picnic lunches, BBQ & Heat ‘n’ Eat packs, WIFI internet access, and catering and function hire.

Koru Café is proudly owned and operated by Steve and Trina Armstrong. Moving to this place had been their long time dream to build a café shop one day and just enjoy life … and here they are now in Aitukaki. The couple opened the restaurant on January, 2008 and they become in love with it serving guests since that time. Koru is a New Zealand Maori word for the design used in their logo.

Guests spending a wonderful time in the island will absolutely love to eat breakfast or lunch at Koru Cafe. This café is one of the most favourite restaurants in the island as it serves fantastic and delicious food. This favourite restaurant in Aitukaki posts daily specials on the wall. So make sure to check the wall to enjoy restaurant’s specialties they serve for the day. On your visit to this great restaurant you might be lucky to see on their daily specialties on the wall which is tuna sashimi tapas, 10 slices of tuna sashimi, 5 slices of seared tuna tataki sashimi, all served with pesto sauce and jasmine rice.

If you are expecting some emails, or want to contact friends through facebook, you can bring your laptop with you to Koru Café as they provide internet access for just a price of NZ$5 for 10 minutes, NZ$10 for 30 minutes, or NZ$15 for one hour. If you don’t have a laptop but still would like to surf the net, there is available netbook in the café for you to use.

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