While you are vacationing in Rarotonga, you will not run out of island activities to do in this island paradise. Some of these activities that are sure to enjoy in Rarotonga include the Coconut Tours, Tik-e Tours and Raro Tours, and much more.

Your participation with the Coconut Tours in Rarotonga will allow you to discover nature with The Jungle Quad Tour that offers a thrilling driving experience with a 4 Wheel Yamaha Quad motorcycle. This motor adventure allows you to travel through muddy and rocky terrains, and cross streams to remote jungle areas of the island. As you explore the beautiful valleys of Rarotonga, you’ll get to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere where you might be tempted to swim in freshwater creeks.

“Jungle Quad Adventure” and “Island Buggy Explorer” tours both offer self-driving tours that will give you a true island experience. If you don’t feel like to drive and just want to sit back, you can join “Coconut 4WD Adventure’’ and let the driver guides you through the mountains and scenic spots on a 4WD land cruiser.

If you wish to travel around Rarotonga you can take a three-wheeled vehicle with Tik-e Tours Ltd. This local tour company offers a wide range of tour services that include airport transfers, island tours, dinner transfers, and cocktail happy-hour hopping. Tik-e Tours has a fleet of energy efficient electric vehicles (known as the e-tuk) which is electrically operated 100%. Tik-e Tours also offer guided tours that will take you around the town to visit some tourist attractions and local shops.

In Rarotonga you can experience another great way of roaming around the island with the Raro Island Tours. This tour company has been specialising in airport transfers to all leading accommodations in Rarotonga, including dinner transfers and hotel to hotel transfers for years.

Things to do on Rarotonga