Be Chic and Fashionable in Cook Islands with TAV Pacific Fashion Line

Ellena Tavioni, a local designer of a clothing line in the Cook Islands made fashion history for the TAV Pacific. Ellena outfitted all the supporters of the recently concluded Pacific Forum held

in Rarotonga. She provided shirts for the leaders attending the event.

Ellena started her TAV company in 1987 specialising in resort wear. Today, she continues using original traditional motifs out from the flora and fauna in the Pacific region, hand painted it with dip dye design of paints which she mixes herself. Printing the fabric is labor intensive which usually relies on natural sunlight for drying prior to heat setting.

The TAV label of Ellena is produced in Rarotonga that helps support the garment industry in the Cook Islands using only local talent and exported throughout the Pacific. Elenna has been identified as one of the pioneers of Pacific Branding and won many prestigious awards in the Pacific. Including the coveted “Cook Islands Woman of the Year’’ award.

Ellena Tavioni is the first designer from the Cook Islands to be included at the NZ Fashion Week where she became successful of the fashion show. Her garments are made of high quality. She also makes beautiful skirts with varying lengths. Some of her designs are contemporary and others are more traditional and classical. The range of her designs includes dresses, off the shoulder tops, tees, and more.

The TAV has two stores in Rarotonga. The smaller store is located in the airport while the TAV main store is on Vakatina Road. The easy way to reach the store is walking up the road from Cook’s Corner (the bus terminal in town) up to the Telecom office and when you turn right, you will find Vakatina Road.

The TAV Pacific has an exclusive collection of hand painted unique pieces which are wonderfully gorgeous going around US1, 000.

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