Off The Beaten Tracks: Pathways to Awesome Places in Cook Islands

The Cook Islands still have more places that are off the beaten track. These places are brimming with natural beauty; they’re perfect for adventurers with spectacular features including forests, caves, and some intriguing undersea worlds. In this island paradise, you can peek into some of its must-see and do activities for those yearning to get a little off the beaten track.

The island of Atiu is a gorgeous emerald isle that has plenty to offer for those in search of something uncommon and different. In this islet, you can take a tour to some of the coral limestone caves, with wonders such as the Tiroto Tunnel formed by fresh running water. Going to the cave, you can wade through the tunnel for a real adventure. You will also see Anataketake Cave, where you can find a native Kopeka bird.

The Rima Rau burial cave is another wonderful place to visit where you can have a surreal experience with a number of differing local legends accounting for the bones found here. In this place, you will be able to delve into the mysteries that surround the area as the guide takes you through the location. The clean waters of the cave can easily tempt anyone to swim.

Atiu island is also a wonderful destination for hiking as it features a number of nature trails that include the Captain Cook’s Trail, which passes through pristine jungle and beach, with a distinct atmosphere. A highlight in this place is the land bridge over an impressive 4 metre-wide cleft.

There are also beach trails in the island called the Tumai and Tongaroro where you can find banyan trees and other natural features. A nature walk in this place is really off the beaten path.

The island of Aitutaki is 45 minute flight away from Rarotonga. This idyllic island paradise offers awe-inspiring form of nature with some of the world’s most beautiful turquoise waters and gently swaying palm trees. A great place to discover island culture when you make your way to the village of Vaipae, which is nicknamed Hollywood because of incredible performances in singing, dancing, drumming, and even fire dancing.