In Rarotonga, you will find many shops that offer different kinds of island products ranging from handmade island crafts, t-shirts, dresses, silks, perfumes, painted canvas, pearls, souvenir items, and many others. If you are ready to roam around the island for some shopping, make your first stop at Kay George Designs Gallery.

This art gallery is a must-see on the western side of Rarotonga with a New Zealand artist and her Cook Islander husband. The diverse art treasures to buy in this gallery is amazing, its colorful artworks and originality are simply awesome. You will also find great displays here of painted t-shirts, fabrics, painted canvas, and silk dresses. This is the perfect shop if you are looking for artwork with originality that captures the essence of Rarotonga.

Perfumes of Rarotonga is an exquisite looking shop that offers many kinds of perfumes including lotions and creams which are all locally produced. The fragrances and scents welcome you as you enter in this air-conditioned paradise that has a great display of a variety of perfumes.

The fragrances you will smell in this beautiful shop are really inviting. A magical small store to visit offers not only perfumes but also gift items, fudges, homemade cones, and tempting ice creams.

Once you are through shopping for arts and perfumes, you may like to shop for more island crafts. The Island Crafts in Rarotonga is a favourite stop for visitors looking for island souvenirs. The artworks and crafts displayed in this craft shop are all locally made.

The shop has a wide range of locally produced trinkets and other mementos including black pearls. You can also buy here a beautiful hat to protect the scorching sun rays in the island.

Island Crafts features a wide selection of quality handcrafted items at reasonable prices.