Romantic getaway in Cook Islands

Any of the islands that comprise the whole Cook Islands can be a magnificent place for your romantic getaway. While you are spending an intimate escapade with your loved one in this island paradise, it’s easy to seek a sanctuary where you two alone can enjoy the beauty of the island in a blue lagoon that features crystal clear waters.

In this beautiful spot in the Pacific, it’s great to rediscover romance with your loved one as you both create memories of your wonderful rendezvous in this island paradise. Make your short stay in this island like giving both of you a year of endless happiness and utmost fun that will give you a memorable experience.
Spending a wonderful moment in this island paradise, will make you rekindle a loving tender and great passion. Rediscover and express your warmth affection to your loved one with the gentle breeze that snaps around and as you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in a palm studded beach, in cool clear lagoons and beautiful sunset.

It’s great to recollect the good times of the past and recreate in this magical island while winding out without the ticking off the clock. Forget the worries of the world and feel the warm fresh air tinged with the island scent and the sounds of waves as it rolls down the shore.

All the magical 15 islands that lie midway between Zealand and Hawaii are idyllic atolls scattered like a great blossom of flowers in an isolated place. The beautiful white sandy beaches, pristine blue lagoons, lush vegetation, and a slow and smooth pace of life in this part of the world is just astonishing.

Rarotonga offers all visitors easy accessibility around the island (by motor scooter for unrivalled scenic tour or by bus or 4 wheels Yamaha Quad motorcycle). Both of these vehicles can take you around the island, to sparkling lagoon and endless stretch of resorts.

Although you won’t be seeing glamorous spots in Rarotonga, it’s certain you will enjoy a unique and charming escape – many of them are few a steps away to white sandy beaches.