For your dining pleasures in the island paradise, get ready to enjoy all sorts of island delicacies in many beautiful restaurants that offer great amount of variety of delicious food in such a small island. The Hidden Spirit Café & Grill and Charlie’s Café are some of the best dining places in Rarotonga that offer the best of the island delicacies.

Located near the beautiful grounds of the Maire Nui Botanical Gardens, The Hidden Spirit Café & Grill is a beautiful restaurant specialising in fresh local produce (especially seafood) which are cooked in local style with a little influence of oriental cuisine.

The Café & Grill offers the best salads in the island that include Tropical Salad with amazing mix of poached chicken, papaya, banana, and coconut blended with a light homemade mayonnaise. The restaurant also offers Tiger Prawn Salad of fat prawns tossed in a light green salad with chilli lime.

Charlie’s Beach Café and Grill is another great dining place in Rarotonga that offers visitors great food, a workout, and even a lesson in lagoon environments and conservation. The restaurant also offers great water sports activities that include Paddle board and Kayak Hire.

The Shipwreck Hut in Rarotonga features a beachfront bar at Aro’a Beachside Inn. For your entertainment pleasure, it’s great to stop in this well stocked bar for wonderful cocktails in a jam jar.

This unique bar features BBQ nights where delicious cuisine is served in ‘KatiKati’ style which means that there are a lot of different taste served in small portions.

Every Tuesday evening you will be entertained by Garth Young on piano, Saturday night with Jake Humunga on Ukulele.

Get the chance to relax on the beachfront and see the fabulous sunsets while having a great time at the Shipwreck Hut.