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Let the adventure begin at the Anatakitaki Bird Caves

One of the finest in the Cook Islands is the Atiu, also known as Enuamanu, the land of the animal. A raised volcanic island surrounded by a coral reef, cliffs and raised coral limestone called makatea. Taro plantations, marshes, lake, limestone caves, unspoiled beaches and lagoons are waiting to charm you under the sultry season.

Being the home for wonderful bird life, The Anatakitaki Caves has been regarded by environmentalists as a national treasure. The tiny and swift birds- Kopeka, are birds which navigate in the dark using sonar, like bats and nests deep within the caverns. The rarest bird, found nowhere else in the world lives inside limestone caves that line the island. Then there’s conservation of Kakerori also known as Rarotongan flycatcher and the colourful Kuhl’s lorikeet, meaning Rimatara lorikeet or Kura are around in this marvelous historical sites. In fact some 11 native birds, the loudest of which is the blue kingfisher, with its calls through the still of the jungle, can be found here.

A popular option with visitors is to enjoy a fresh water artesian swim in a candle lit cave from a fearless walk through the fantastic dense tropical jungle that covers the makatea leads to Anatakitaki Cave. There you will also enjoy a breathtaking view of the stalagmites, stalactites and a high natural cathedral ceiling above. Discover ancient artefacts and hear the legend of Inutoto and Tangaroa and learn of the flora and fauna.

Enjoy the challenging walk from these caves with your experienced tour guides and listen up as they exhibit the richness of the Island.

These Islands are indeed true escape from modernisation- technology, fashion and style. Here, consider simplicity, self-reflection and gratitude from the pure exquisiteness of this natural wonder has to offer.

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