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Step on One Foot Island through Bishop’s Lagoon Cruises

While spending a wonderful vacation in Cook Islands, get the chance to cruise in one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons with a team of very friendly guides who know best about the island. Bishop’s Lagoon Cruises offer all day lagoon excursions where you can enjoy snorkeling, fish feeding opportunities to exploring the lagoon on your own.

Your cruise experience with Bishop Cruise will give you the opportunity to visit world famous Honeymoon Island which features a long stretch of pure white sand beach with just under 20 cms of water. Here you can hand feed schools of banded damsels and butterfly fish, and you can see giant clams in their natural habitat. To top it all off, you can enjoy a fresh fish BBQ lunch on One Foot Island complemented with fresh fruits and great entertainment by the crew.

In One Foot Island, you can post postcards in what is known as the world’s only registered post office located on an uninhabited island. To make your stay memorable, bring your passport and have it stamped with the One Foot Island stamp.

To enjoy the utmost fun in the island, take a full day Lagoon Cruise in the eastern side of the Aitukaki Lagoon. Here, you can spot the turtles while enjoying snorkelling adventure. After this, you can visit the famous Heaven Sand Bar, then cruise your way to the lagoon attraction, One Foot Island and enjoy a BBQ lunch under a Hideaway Hut.

If Lagoon Cruise is not enough, you can take the following day a Honeymoon Cruise. As you take the cruise, you will be dropped prior to lunch to an uninhabited island in Moturakau with features of a picnic hamper, mini bar and sparkling wine.

One day of fun is never enough. Some day you ought to come back.

  • Address P.O. Box 53, Araura
    Aitutaki, Cook Islands

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