Discover the heart of Rarotonga through Coconut Tours

While you are having a great vacation in Rarotonga, you can join Coconut Tours with The Jungle Quad Tour which offers a thrilling and challenging driving experience with a 4 wheel Yamaha Quad. This tour adventure traverses through muddy and rocky terrains, crossing streams to remote “jungle’’ areas of the island. As you venture the exotic scenery of Rarotonga’s beautiful valleys, you’ll get to enjoy with the relaxing atmosphere around or you might try to swim in freshwater creeks.

The Coconut Tours last approximately two and a half hours. The 4 wheel Quad vehicles are fully automatic and easy to drive with some orientation at the beginning of the tour. At the end of the tour you will be provided with refreshments. The Coconut Tours in Rarotonga is such an ideal excursion to fulfil that will make your tropical island adventure experience a memorable one.

‘Jungle Quad Adventure’ and ‘Island Buggy Explorer’ offer self-driving tours that will give you a true island adventure. If you don’t feel like driving, you can choose ‘Coconut 4WD Adventure’ where you can just sit back and let the driver guides you through the mountains and to some scenic spots on a 4WD land cruiser.

With the ‘Jungle Quad Adventure’, you will experience an ultimate adventure on your own 350cc Yamaha Quad on a wild and exciting adventure through muddy and rocky terrain and crossing streams up to remote jungles of the island. For those who want to experience a unique and fun way to explore Rarotonga, the ‘Island Buggy Explorer’ is perfect for you. You will be driving yourself with the ‘Big Rider’ while being followed by a tour guide, visiting the plantations, waterfall, Maraes, and more.

Before joining Coconut Tours, you are advised to bring spare change, sunglasses, swimwear, towel, bottle of water, mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

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