Island Way’s Adventure Cook Islands Land Adventure and Tour Operator offer a variety of exciting, entertaining and easy leisure tours and activities in the Cook Islands. Your tour with the Island Way will let you explore the island with inspiration and excitement that will take you into the inner part of the island that will connect you to nature, island history, and its culture. Tours and trekking around the island provides small groups and independent travellers unique adventures around the island, village, and lifestyles which will also give you the opportunity to see historical sites and a chance to learn how the people lived in the past.

With their vast knowledge about the island, the guides will relate to you the island history, traditional and cultural affairs that goes back to more than two centuries. The guides are professionals with several years of experience in the tourism industry. Whether you want to try your adrenaline rush touring the entire island or just want to explore Rarotonga’s beautiful outdoors, you are sure to have a great time with the awesome sceneries and great photo opportunities.

Island Way Adventures in Rarotonga offer a variety of Exciting Land Tours and Entertaining Cook Islands Activities that will give you the chance to experience the island culture, people, and lifestyle. If you join the famous Raemaru Mountain Trek, you will get to experience with the fascinating nature. The Mountain Bike Tours on the west coast of Rarotonga will take you deep inland into the hills and mountain valleys allowing you to see scenic spots that give you great photo opportunities.

After enjoying adventure tours in Rarotonga, you can get the chance to play an exciting game of Paintball with your friends or learn dance lessons with the energetic Cook Islands Dancing or play the vibrating beats of Cook Islands Drumming.


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