Travelling Around Rarotonga?
Tik-e Tours Will Safely Take You There

Tik-e Tours Ltd is a local tour company in the Cook Islands which provides a wide range of tour services that include airport transfers, island tours, market transfers, dinner transfers, and cocktail happy-hour hopping. The company offers a fleet of energy efficient electric vehicles (known as the e-tuk) which is 100% clean as they are electrically operated 100%. Created by a Dutch and manufacturing firm, the e-tuk was built to European standards of high quality.

Rarotonga is a great place to tour around, enjoy a half day excursion, get on board an e-tuk, and have some fun and take some souvenir photos. Tik-e Tours also offer guided tours that will give you unforgettable experience about the history of the Cook Islands that includes a visit to tourist attractions, local shops, and scenic island views. With a safe ride of our e-tuk, you can even create your own adventure.

Tik-e Tours in Rarotonga offer island tours with the use of electric scooter (also known as e-tuk) around the island to half day excursions or a full day private tours which are designed to cater to your own personal taste. Some visitors can just hop on board an e-tuk, have some fun ride, travel around the island, and take souvenir photos of the scenic spots around the island.

If you want to avail our guided tour, you will be accompanied by one of our fun drivers who will give you a memorable experience in the island by visiting tourist attractions and getting the taste of the nice life in the island. In Rarotonga, you can create your own adventure tour with more fun on Experience our Highlights or Rarotonga Tour, familiarise yourself with our Lap of the Island Tour, unwind with our Cocktail Happy Hour tour, or you can join with the Personalised Cruise Ship Discovery tours.

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