Bring Home Beautiful and Exotic Island Crafts from Cook Islands

The Cook Islands ranks as the highest producer of some of the most stunning and traditional arts and crafts in the Pacific. Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu are some of the islands in the Cook Islands where you can find art galleries that have a wide selection of paintings, carvings, modern and traditional textile arts that would match any arts and crafts from overseas.

The diverse works of art in the Cook Islands are the expressions of traditional and modern Polynesian arts. There are works by several leading painters from the Cook Islands that have been shown in art exhibits in New Zealand galleries which received great reviews.

The magnificent works of master carver Mike Tavioni are displayed in many art galleries and homes all over the world. The exquisite weaving of hats, baskets and natural jewelry by the women of Penrhyn are patronised and worn by many women who visited the Cook Islands.

The tivaivai (quilts) locally made in the Cook Islands are handmade bedsheets of tropical designs and colours. The tivaivai bed covers are works of the women in the Cook Islands who spend long hours to make an awesome handcrafted product.

Rarotonga is a focal point of handcrafted arts in the Pacific including Atiu Fibre Arts Studio, Textile art, tivaivai, designer clothing, textile installations, jewellery, and art works of Andrea Eimke. Andrea offers tivaivai workshops for visitors in Rarotonga.

The Beachcomber Contemporary Art offers contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography, and video coverage. You will also find art work displays of Mike Tavioni, Jerome Sheddon, Kay George, Tim Buchanan, Apii Rongo, Loretta Reynolds and New Zealand/Pacific artists Mark Cross, and many more.

The Art Studio Painting also offers prints, sculpture, and art services of contemporary Cook Islands and Pacific artists. You will also find there some hand painted t-shirts, designer dresses, and embroidered fabrics by women of Arorangi village.

Island Crafts

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