Smell Good, Feel Good with Perfumes of Rarotonga

Perfumes of Rarotonga feature some of the very best hand-made perfumes including coconut oil soaps and natural coconut oils. All of the perfume products you will find in many stores are locally made. These products capture the very essence of the Cook Islands in floral perfumes and the premium scents.

Some of the quality perfumes that you can find in the Perfumes of Rarotonga include Frangipani, Gardenia and Jasmine. These perfumes have a simple freshness associated with the scent of the early morning breeze. There are also other fragrant perfumes such as Pearl of Paradise and Queen of the Night where their scents are more exotic and have stimulating essence.

The premium perfumes have been designed to bring unique style and elegance of the island spirit. The scents and fragrances in the premium perfumes have had many repeat orders from happy customers from around the world.

The floral perfumes offered in the Perfumes of Rarotonga have the spirit and the essence of the Cook Islands. Floral perfumes are packed in an attractive 50ml spray bottle in a silk bag with drawstring, a wonderful gift for your loved one or a nice souvenir to one of your relatives or friends back home.

Coconut trees which are plentiful in the Cook Islands has been revered throughout history and part of the island culture in many ways. The coconut oil soap product of Rarotonga is hand-made with 100% coconut oil which is rich in natural glycerine and gives numerous benefits to your skin. This natural soap made of coconut oil can help rejuvenate your skin.

Perfumes of Rarotonga also have wide selection of body care products like the hand and body lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. These health care products are all produced locally using the raw materials that come from coconut trees.


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    Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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