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Taste and Feel the Health Benefits of the Organic Tree of Life at Rito Cook Islands

Many of the people visiting the Cook Islands always want to take something to bring home as souvenir. Unfortunately, the beautiful white sandy beach, the clean blue lagoon and coconut trees can only be brought home by way of memories via the digital world.

The beauty and health products from the Cook Islands are such a great things to bring home as island souvenir.  The products are made with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, which is locally produced in the Rarotonga village of Tikioki. Rito products which its ingredients come from coconut trees come with purity and simplicity of the tropical island paradise. The Rito products include cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, tamanu oil, soaps and skincare products.

The health benefits of coconut oil and some other coconut-based products have been known by the Cook islanders for centuries. These locally-made health and beauty products in the Cook Islands come from the cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. These beauty and health products include culinary oils and naturally-active skincare products.

Located on the main road at Tikioki, the Rito Cook Islands is just 150 metres past the Fruits of Rarotonga towards Muri and near the Matutu Brewery. Rito Cook Islands have showroom also at the Punanga Nui markets every Saturday morning.

Aside from beauty and health products of the Rito Cook Islands that derived from the coconut, there is also a beautiful product that derived from coconut trees called the Rito hat. The Rito hat is artistically and intricately woven with the use of coconut leaves. The Rito hats are proudly worn by women and sometimes men also, when they go to church during Sundays.

The making of this unique craft began in the Cook Islands when the locals visited the Gilbert Islands (Republic of Kiribati) in the 1800s and brought home with them wives who had skills in plaiting.


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