Located right on the main road in the heart of downtown Avarua, the Dive Shop in Rarotonga is open 6 days a week. The shop offers a wide product range that caters to novice and professional divers. The friendly staff in the Dive Shop take pride in their knowledge about snorkeling gear and they are happy to give you advice in order to find you that “perfect fit’’ and the best snorkeling spot on the island.

Snorkelling in Rarotonga is a great and easy adventure and an exciting activity that everybody loves. If you’ve dreamed about peeking beneath the sea, this is the time to experience a more exciting place to learn snorkeling in the warm waters and clean lagoon in Rarotonga.

The Dive Shop offers a wide range of snorkels, masks, fins, and scuba diving equipments including regulators, gauges, buoyancy compensators, wetsuits, dive computers, and dive knives, and more. Also offered in the shop are reef shoes, underwater cameras, underwater torches, waterproof watches, swimming goggles, spear fishing guns, footwear, sunglasses, beachwear, and much more.

In Rarotonga, you can dive in warm waters with a fantastic diversity of marine life in a fascinating spot for diving and snorkeling. If you never experienced diving before, you will be fully assisted for all your needs and will take you out for your first bubbles in a breathtaking underwater adventure.

Your dive with the Dive Shop gives you a guarantee of a personalised service in a relaxed atmosphere. They have ample time for their guests. Whether you do your own dive, rent dividing equipments, or just pop in for a coffee, you are sure to be fully assisted by the staff to make your diving experience with the Dive Shop memorable.

Don’t forget to visit the shop where your holiday will be made easier and more fun.


  • Address Ara Tapu,
    Avarua District, Rarotonga

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