Biking around Rarotonga is great with Polynesian Bike Hire

Rarotonga is the main island of the Cook Islands which only has a circumference of 32 kilometres. To get around Rarotonga, you can ride with the scooter which is one of the most popular transport vehicles for tourists and locals alike.

If your driver’s license doesn’t specify that you can drive a motorbike, but you want to take a tour ride with a scooter, you will be required to take a driving test. There are certified practical testing officers on site to conduct the test. When you pass the driving test, you will be issued with a temporary license and you can then ride to the police station to get a photo license. Even if your driver’s license does specify that you can ride a motorcycle, you are still required to obtain a license from the police station in downtown Avarua. The license will be issued after presenting your valid driver’s license and your passport.

When you are ready for the island tour and need to rent a scooter, visit Polynesian Rental Cars & Bikes in Rarotonga. They have motor bikes such as 115cc and 125cc scooters with the latest model of Yamaha, fully automatic, 2-seater, and with storage under seat. Skill testing, temporary license and helmets are available on site.

The is another bike rental site in Rarotonga that delivers the very best in cycling experience. The site caters for everyone, from beginner to professional cyclists. Whether you want to experience an off-road adventure or take a gentle cruise around the island, the site has got the perfect bike for you. This bike rental site takes time to help you choose the right bike and will ensure you a perfect bike fit. You can even choose the saddle to match your body geometry and can even select the pedals you’re most comfortable with.

You can email their friendly staff – they are famous for their great service and are here to help you have a great stay on Rarotonga.

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